Work Related To The Preparation of Healthcare Ventures and Start-ups’ Business Plan

In the scope of our activities, we are preparing business plan reports for the healthcare ventures and start-ups to make them proceed with sustainable success, to cope with any potential risks that might arise along the process, and to be deemed worthy of making investments in the eye of investors.

In this direction, our main activities are as follows:

  • Determining forward-looking profit expectations of healthcare ventures and start-ups.
  • Determining long-term and short-term goals of healthcare ventures and start-ups.
  • Identifying the possible risks and threats that might occur along the process.
  • Determining solution plans and measures be taken for the possible occurrence of any risk along the process.
  • Analyzing the healthcare industry in Turkey and defining the business strategy to be implemented.
  • Determining the market share of the product that is planning to be supplied to the market and indicating preferability incentives of the products.
  • Predicating apprehensibly the management plan and the administration.
  • Identifying the points that need investment in line with the business plan and appointing the necessary amounts in order to achieve the targeted outcomes.
  • Determining the required amount of financial resource (investment) at the business’s establishment phase, specifying the time that the business (the venture) will reach its’ break-even point.
  • Time scheduling of the R&D, authorization, and business development procedures of the products.
  • Implementing and managing the business plan according to the determined manner.