Work Related To Investment Consultancy

Within the scope of our work, we provide a broad range of consultancy to those who are willing to invest in healthcare start-ups. With the information and experience that are developed by our specialists and mentors in the healthcare field, we are fulfilling your needs concerning investment consultancy by adding value to your assets.

Our activities concerning the investment consultancy are as the following;

  • Analyzing the return on investment (ROI) and preparing analysts’ reports.
  • Analyzing the idea of healthcare ventures which are willing to receive investment and detecting their growth rate for the upcoming 10 years by taking the external factors into consideration.
  • Conducting due diligence practices for the healthcare start-ups and examining their financial statements and legal documents.
  • Settling an investment amount that will be grounded for the negotiation as a result of the conducted due diligence.
  • Determining whether the healthcare venture which expects financial support possesses a team for them to be evaluated as worthy for the investment.
  • Detecting whether the necessary specialty level in the scope of the specific industry, is fulfilled or not.