The Application of Commercialization Modelling and Commercialization Model For The Healthcare Ventures and Start-ups.

The commercialization model of the product that is obtained as a result of the investment made to healthcare ventures and start-ups and its’ application are  separate expenditure items. The largest amount from the budget is allocated for the marketing and sales operations of the healthcare products, even they exceed the R & D costs. Investing in an initiative whose commercialization procedure is not yet terminated, could cause unexpected consequences both for the healthcare venture and the investor. 
In this context, the main supports that we provide to healthcare enterprises are as follows:
  • Determining commercialization plans of the products in the process of commercialization whose procedure of R&D phase is already concluded. 
  • Determining the market penetration strategy.
  • Conducting and reporting competitor analysis
  • Forecasting the estimated effect of the added value and competitive power of the product at the commercialization phase.
  • Conducting medical marketing activities at the commercialization stage of the product.
  • Forecasting the time-wise(timing) estimation of all the stages at the commercialization process.