About Us

About Us

As Health Uppers, we aim to establish enterprising ecosystems for sustainable health start-ups, provide the required financial support that they need, bring them with the investors in the industry together, and provide them business contacts in the geographic region including but not limited to Turkey, Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and Western Asia. 

In this direction, our main goal is to convene rapidly scalable start-ups in the healthcare field with larger companies and investors, and provide them the necessary capital for their start-ups; while ensuring that the investors decide to invest in the accurate start-up which will enrich their assets at the same time.
Mentors and specialists who possess profound experience in the healthcare industry, provide the commercialization of the healthcare start-ups on a solid basis with medical, legal, and financial perspectives in the phases of the idea, assessment, expansion, and scaling.

As Health Uppers, furthermore, we carry out whole required proceedings and procedures for the health companies located outside Turkey, to permanently settle as operating companies in Turkey.


Committee of Start-up & Enterprise Evaluation

The start-up and evaluation team evaluates the healthcare start-ups for working together, in line with the determined objectives as Health Uppers, and incorporates the bests into Health Uppers program specially named as Health-Uppings among all. The start-up and evaluation team members are also members of the mentor team.

Dr. Elvan Sevi Bozoğlu

Dr. Güvenç Koçkaya

Tahir Gökçe Şengün

Mehmet Feridun İzgi


The mentors lend assistance to health start-ups which are involved in Health Uppers programs, regarding the required process management according to their needs by serving them one to one.

Dr. Gülpembe Ergin Oğuzhan

Oytun Yeniçeri

Prof.Dr. Zafer Çalışkan


As stakeholders of Health-Uppers provide necessary groundwork support to Health-Uppers, they also provide products and services specific to the requirements of healthcare start-ups that are included in the program. 
For instance, while Bozoğlu-İzgi renders services in the fields of; consultancy, company establishment, contracts, regulatory compliance, ECONİX offers services such as market analysis, market access, product pricing. In other respects, İnfigo Health takes responsibility for the processes between the clinical research and the commercialization or may carry out activities as services.

Infigo Health


Bozoğlu & İzgi